AHST is pleased to announce our 2017 Patient Satisfaction trends, with overall Patient Satisfaction Year to Date at 97.3% satisfaction in nursing response to call lights being answered in what the patient/family member feels is an acceptable time frame.
We attribute the consistent maintenance and improvement to our AHST staff who give so freely of their time and effort to ensure our patients have the best possible experience while in our hospital. Our Ambassador Program provides the opportunity for every patient to be visited by a member of our leadership team one to two times a week with the goal of ensuring any concerns or needs they may have are addressed promptly.
Additionally, our No Pass Zone process ensures that anytime a patient light is on the first employee to see it answers it and initiates the process for getting the patient the help they need. As a result, patients consistently note that their call lights are answered timely, giving them confidence in the team. The other components of the No Pass Zone include ensuring clean clutter free surroundings, acknowledging everyone by smiling at 10 feet and speaking at 5 feet, and ensuring proper hand hygiene practices.
Our clinical leadership team also rounds on all patients, providing both the patient and family the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns while providing the leadership team members with the opportunity to identify and resolve any risk issues or unmet needs.
The above combined with our hourly rounding gives our patients and families a sense of security and confidence that we are present, visible and available to answer their questions and/or assist them at any given time.